Category: Aluminum Windows

Cortizo 70 Aluminum Windows

Cortizo 70 Industrial TBThis 70 mm frame depth hinged system offers great thermal and acoustic performance combined with very simple fabrication, which is why it has become one of the [...]
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Cortizo 80 Aluminum Windows

Cortizo 80Cortizo 80 is a carpentry system with exceptional thermal performance that recommends it for passive constructions, with a modern design and very generous maximum manufacturing dimensions. System geometryDepth: 3''Visible [...]
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Cortizo 2300 Aluminum Windows

Cortizo 2300Cortizo 2300 is a carpentry system without thermal barrier, designed for interior partitions or closing buildings in areas with mild climates. System geometryDepth: 1.6''Visible height: 3.4Central node: 5.4''Dim. max. [...]
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