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Cortisol TP52 (curtain wall)

Cor-Vision Plus is the most efficient minimalist sliding system produced by Cortizo. The central node of only 1'' and the exceptionally generous glazed surfaces, together with the option of total embedding of the profiles recommend Cor-Vision Plus for avant-garde architectural projects.

System geometry

Upright depth: 0.62''–10''
Traverse depth: 8.85''–10''
Visible thickness: 2''

Maximum glazing thickness

Acoustic performance
48 dB

Thermal performance

UW ≥ 0,09 W / m2K


Available in almost 800 different colours and textures, including imitations of wood and anodising.

ESA Classifications:

  • Air resistance (UNE-EN 12207: 2000): Class AE

  • Water resistance (UNE-EN 12208: 2000): Class RE1350

  • Wind resistance (UNE-EN 12210: 2000): Class 2000Pa
    Sample size tested 3,0 × 3,5 m

Configuration possibilities:

Cortizo facades are available in all construction variants: structural, semi-structural and standard (glass fixed with pressers). To ensure exceptional insulation performance, the thickness of the thermal barrier of the system can reach 2.59''

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