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Salamander bluEvolution 73

bluEvolution 73 meets all your needs for sophisticated window design: High-density surfaces not only make the profile extremely easy to maintain, but also offer an exceptionally long service life.

System geometry
2 seals
5 insulation rooms in frame and sash

Maximum glazing thickness

Profile class

Acoustic performance
46 dB

Thermal performance
UF ≥ 1,2 W / m2K
UW ≥ 0,7 W / m2K


  • Class S profile (severe climate)

  • High thermal performance

  • Security class RC2

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4 according to UNI EN 12207

  • Water resistance: Class 9A for 1 opening and Class 7A for 2 openings according to UNI EN 12208

  • Wind resistance: Class C5 / B5 for one opening and Class C3 / B5 for 2 openings according to UNI EN 12210


  • Class B - in accordance with SR EN 12608

  • Class S - severe climate

  • IFT Rosenheim

Configuration possibilities:

The system can be plated with aluminum or can be covered with over 50 decorative foils in RAL colors, imitations of wood or metals and allows simple, oscillating or sliding-swing opening options.

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